Best Time For Tree Removal

Picture of a tree stump with a chainsaw sitting on top of the recent cut.Removing a tree in your yard can be a really tough decision because they add beauty and value to your landscape and property. However, when your precious tree becomes a threat to your safety and poses a risk to fixed structures, you are left with no choice but to have it removed. You may be confused as to when you should have your tree removed, which is why it is best to ask help from a qualified tree service company. 

How do you determine the best time to remove a tree? 

Consider the following essential factors when deciding when to remove a tree: 

A Hazardous Risk

One of the most apparent reasons for tree removal is when it has become hazardous. Don’t wait for the worst-case scenario to happen before you take action. A tree is no longer safe if it has overgrown branches that hang over structures, such as buildings or homes. These unsafe branches can fall onto your roof during intense storms leaving severe damages. Broken or damaged limbs can also be a reason for a tree’s removal. You can prevent these branches from becoming dangerous with proper trimming. With pruning, you can get rid of dead and weak branches and keep the healthy ones. 

A Dead Tree

A dead tree no longer serves its purpose and should be removed immediately. It does not add value to your home, instead takes away from the beauty of your yard. You can remove a dead tree any time because eliminating it will have little to no effect to your property and other trees in your yard. A dead tree can be dangerous because it can fall over to your house at any time. 

Root Structure

You should also consider the tree’s root structure when deciding to remove it. Remove a tree with extensive and invasive roots structures. Extensive roots can damage water and drainage pipes and block the waterway. Aside from that, these roots can also cause deterioration to your house’s foundation. 

Diseased or Infected Trees

Keeping a diseased or infected tree can be hazardous. Parasites and diseases can quickly spread among trees and affect even healthy ones. You don’t want to have more than one tree removed just because you failed to eliminate the impacted one. 

Time of Year

If your tree doesn’t pose a threat and is still living, there is no urgency in removing it. Trees like this can be eliminated in their dormant season, especially if the tree in question is a deciduous tree that has a seasonal cycle. Remove the tree after the coldest part of winter has passed or just before the spring comes. 

It is ideal to remove a tree in the winter because it sheds off its leaves and is less dense, which makes it easier to take down. Also, removing a tree during this time lessens the time spent on cleaning up the dirt and debris because the tree has less foliage. Since the ice has begun thawing, the ground is relatively soft, which makes it easier to unearth the root system. 

This also means a perfect time to eliminate evergreen trees that don’t shed off their foliage in the fall and grows new sprouts comes spring. 

The Cost

The cost of removing a tree will depend on various factors. Tree removal companies and arborists cannot give you an exact price tag on tree removal costs because they need to assess your tree and the surrounding site to come up with the final price. To give you an idea of the value, tree removal services will be more expensive in their peak season in winter and spring. If you choose to have your tree removed beyond or before these seasons, you may be able to save some cash. If you want to save on the cost, you can opt to have your tree removed before winter or at the onset of the season.

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