Can We Live Without Trees and How to Save Them

Picture of orange and yellow trees in the fall along a path in a parkLife would be impossible for humans and animals without trees. Aside from the fact that it provides oxygen that we breathe, it also has other vital use to make our lives better. Trees impact almost all the basic things we need to live from the air we breathe to the food we eat. It’s like we are committing suicide whenever we neglect the tree’s importance to us. 

What Happens If There Are No Trees?

At present, only 3 trillion trees are living on earth, and almost 15 billion from them are taken down or hit by natural phenomena. If this continues, we won’t have a single tree in 200 years. 

When there are no trees, you can expect the following to happen: 

Oxygen and CO2- Trees are responsible for converting CO2 into oxygen, which is the air we breathe. Without trees, we won’t have oxygen necessary for us to live. 

Flooding and Erosion- Trees’ roots play a significant role in preventing soil erosion and landslides. Without roots that absorb water, even simple rains can result in flooding. 

Air and Land Pollutants- Trees are responsible for keeping air and soil from various pollutants such as ammonia, carbon dioxide, and sulfur. 

Evapotranspiration- Evapotranspiration is the process of moistening the air that produces clouds which is essential in keeping the balance between dry and fertile land. 

Acid Rain- If there are no trees that will clean the atmosphere from pollutants, rainfall will be acidic. 

Global Warming- Polar ice-caps continue to melt, resulting in the rise of ocean levels. 

Extinction- Animals that rely heavily on trees for food and refuge will begin to go extinct. 

How Can We Help Stop Deforestation? 

It is in your power to make an impact. You can either make or break the future of trees on earth. Here are simple yet significant ways to halt deforestation: 

Plant a Tree- Every tree counts. Keep in mind that every tree helps slow down the impact of deforestation. But it shouldn’t stop there. You should also keep the tree free from disease and infestation. 

Go Paperless- You can opt to receive and pay bills online. At this day and age, when technology is advancing, you can take advantage of it while helping the environment. You can reduce the use of paper by using technology in your daily activities.

Recycle- Recycling has been done by many families, companies, and industries for many decades now, and the least you could do is to continue doing it. Recycle your things and buy recycled products. 

Use Products that have Forest Stewardship Council Certification- FSC certification are found in food, paper, and wood products. 

Tell Others To Live a Sustainable Life- One of the simplest yet essential things you can do to stop deforestation is to have a sustainable lifestyle and tell others to do the same. 

What Can We Do to Save Trees

Like what was stated above, planting trees do a lot in helping stop the effects of deforestation. But, planting a tree is quite different from saving a tree. It is relatively easier to save a tree, and you can do it in your very own yard. 

You don’t have to travel far to make a change. You can start with the trees you have in your landscape: 

  • Plant trees where they can thrive. 
  • Plant trees where there is no hindrance to their growth. 
  • Plant them where the soil condition matches their specific needs.
  • Prune your trees regularly. 
  • Water your trees, especially in the dry season. 
  • Get a certified arborist to inspect your trees annually. 
  • Remove a tree when it has become hazardous. 

Taking Down Trees Impacts Us and Our Earth

We all need trees to have clean air to breathe. We need trees for the food we eat. We need trees for shelter. Simply put, we cannot live without trees. Our life, including all animals and other living creatures on land, depend greatly on the existence of trees. 

The least we could do to help the growing problem of deforestation is to address the issue. Everyone should do their part in keeping every tree healthy. Start with your trees in your own yard and use.  

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